Saturday, January 28, 2012

resolution check-in: january

I can't believe January is almost over! The month simultaneously flew by and dragged like nobody's business, but still, the fact that Mike will be moving here on WEDNESDAY and that I'm already writing this goal check-in entry after only just setting my New Year's Resolutions is blowing my mind!

So, let's check in and see how things are going, shall we?

1. Run at least two races longer than 5K: I'm in the process of working toward Race #1, the St. Patty's Day 8K in Washington, the day after my birthday! This morning I ran the full distance, only stopped to walk once, after mile 3, and finished in 46 minutes. I would say things are going great on this front.

2. Practice Yoga at least once a week: I've been going twice a week since I got back to campus. I hope to continue this trend, because I really feel great emotionally, intellectually and physically after yoga. We'll see if time continues to permit it.

3. Buy more produce directly from farmers: I have to give myself a big ol' DNS right here. I keep missing farmer's markets because of my weekend workout schedule. Goal for February: um, try to go at least once?

4. Plan meals every Sunday: while I don't sit down and plan day by day, my roommate and I have had a pretty rough idea of what we're going to make each week. In instances where I didn't have a plan, I made go-to quickies like veggie burgers... and only once ordered takeout.

5. Try quinoa: I've made two meals with quinoa so far, and both were risottos, oddly enough. The first was Bon Appetit's Quinoa Risotto with Mushrooms and Thyme, and the next was a delicious spinach and goat cheese risotto which was great the first day but didn't heat up as well. It looked pretty though!:

6. Take active rest days: I've mostly been doing this. My favorite active rest activity... Just Dance (the wii game). So much fun, and surprisingly difficult!

7. Take a break from carbs one day a week: I've been trying this, but honestly, it is SO hard. I find that without something substantive in the morning, I have a really hard time getting going. And if I don't have some carbs while at work, I end up snack snack snacking all day long. Instead of eliminating carbs totally, I've been having "less-carb" days to varying success. Overall, there is more work to be done.

8. Track my finances on Mint every Saturday: good on this front! Sometime soon I'm going to also make a budget within a budget for my internship income, which I've decided I'm mostly going to save but also going to buy myself some nice things with (ie my Nook Tablet which will be coming in the mail next week!).

9. Try biking to campus or work: the weather has been weird- either freezing, rainy, or snowy, but I hope to be able to try this sometime soon!

10. Try at least one new recipe per month: Aside from my quinoa adventures, I made two other new-to-me dinner recipes, and two batches of muffins. What can I say? Cooking is fun. We tried a pork tenderloin preparation and a green bean and goat cheese pasta, both from my Trader Joe's cookbook.

11. Approach every interaction with positivity and respect: I feel like I'm doing really well with this. I have been feeling much happier and more whole this semester than I have in a long time. Sometime after I first got back to DC, Lululemon tweeted this image, which I really love: 

I've been trying to keep it in mind as I go about my daily routine.

12. Check in every month with these goals on my blog: Check. :)

I feel like overall, the goals I set were really doable and I'm benefiting from keeping them visible and on my mind. Here's to the start of February!


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