Monday, August 1, 2011

mark down monday: back on track

Welcome to Mark Down Monday, where I hold myself accountable for my fitness, health, and life goals, and set new goals for the coming week. 

Happy August! I can't believe summer is almost over- in twelve days I'm leaving Indiana for a brief stint in New Jersey before I officially become an adult and move to Washington, DC! I'm getting really excited about starting my new life and hopefully that excitement will power me through the next few weeks.

Last week I felt like I finally got back on track. I had a pretty happy week, health-wise.  I ate some delicious food, I was pleased with my workouts, and though I was emotionally stricken by the PMS Monster now and again, I had a wonderfully fun weekend that set me up to have an awesome week ahead.

Fitness Goals: Achieved!
  • Monday I surprised myself by heading out for a 2.5 mile run and totally kicking its butt! Contrary to how I normally feel on runs, this time I felt strong and capable of finishing without keeling over. I noticed in particular how strong my legs felt. My strength workouts must be paying off! 
  • Tuesday I went to my usual Cardio Sculpt class. I'm starting to get a little annoyed with this particular instructor because she never changes up her music. It's not bad music, I just can sing along with all of the songs, and I prefer to have some variety at my group fitness classes.
  • Wednesday I went for another 2.5 miler.  It was a little more difficult this time because the weather was not cooperative, but I got it done.
  • Thursday was Cardio Sculpt again with a different instructor, who had a Lady Gaga mix! Now that's what I'm talking about.
  • Friday was rest, as usual. I even convinced my friends that we should put off our going out until Saturday so that we could have an awesome group run the next morning...
  • Saturday did a hot, sweaty, 5k of hills with the running group. We all kind of felt like we were going to puke afterward, but I lead the group through Ab work anyway.  After showering, I had a really productive day working on internship applications and homework at Soma, a local Bloomington coffee shop (they have AMAZING vegan cookies, go check them out!), followed by a night on the town with my buds...
  • Sunday The aforementioned night on the town continued into the wee hours of Sunday morning, and all I managed on Sunday was eating (healthily, at The Village Deli and my favorite, The Runcible Spoon) and getting homework done. 
One thing I didn't do very much of this week was blog! I was doing blog related things, though- working on SEO stuff and deciding if I wanted to move my blogeroo to Wordpress. Ultimately, I decided that for my specific goals and webdesign expertise (read: none) right now Blogger is still the best blogging platform for me. It allows me to customize my blog's appearance without having to mess with a ton of code, I can make my templates look different than other ones on the web, and I haven't run into issues concerning people being able to comment as of yet.  Perhaps in the future if the blog becomes bigger I will migrate it, but right now I'm staying at home sweet home.

Fitness, Health, and Happiness in the Future
  • Blogging Goal: Back to three posts a week this week!
  • Fitness Goal: Continue running on alternating days. Try to work up to 2.75 miles without stopping!
  • Eating Goal: I'm still a pound or two away from my happy weight, but I'm not obsessed about getting there. However, I'm going to try to make my meals really count toward that goal this week. More whole foods. Less treats and snacks.
  • Life Goal: Try to make my last two weeks in Bloomington happy ones. I spent a lot of the past few weeks moping, and I don't need to do that now. If I can muster up the energy to concentrate hard enough, I know I can have a really great time with my friends and enjoy the next 12 days.
It's both scary and exciting to think that at the end of this month my weekly goals are going to look entirely different! How do your goals change from month to month?


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