Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hydrating with the Brita Bottle: a Review

It was ridiculously hot in Bloomington (and according to the Weather Channel, all across the US) today.  For some reason the electricity/water cooling system in Bloomington fails when it gets this hot out, and so the building my class is in had no air conditioning. We were also unable to open the windows. It was honestly hard to breathe... let alone speak Polish.

Luckily, I've been carting around my new Brita Filter Bottle since I got to Bloomington. After finishing the giant bottle of Evian I had downed after getting off the plane, I got a glass of water from the faucet, only to discover that Bloomington water tastes like sucking on a pipe.

I wasn't going to buy another water filtration system since I already have a Brita pitcher at home, and after a trip to Target I discovered that I had a variety of filter-bottle options, including the Bobble, the CamelBak Groove, and the Brita. I ended up choosing the latter because of sheer price- when bought the Brita in a two pack (which I split with a friend who had a similar reaction to the tap water here), it was a whole 20 cents cheaper than the Bobble! I also felt like it was probably more durable and useable, and less "cutesy."

I'd give my experience with this bottle a 7/10. The water tastes better coming out of it, it's ergonomically pleasing and easy to exercise with, and the price is definitely right. I've also seen my water consumption go through the roof with better-tasting water always at my fingertips.

However, in order to make the bottle not leak all over you, you need to make sure you close it correctly, or else you will lift it up to take a nice big swig of ice cold water, and... you've spilled it all down the front of your shirt:

All of the spots visible on my shirt are from drinking from
my Brita Bottle as I wrote this post. Albeit, I didn't close
it very carefully, but....
Overall, I would recommend it to someone who is looking to be able to rehydrate anytime, anywhere, without the necessity of a larger or more expensive filtration system, and who might not mind a little sprinkle now and then :)

Remember, even on days when the heat index ISN'T 100+ degrees, it's important to stay hydrated. It keeps your skin clear, your tummy full, and YOU full of energy.

Happy H20 guzzling!


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